Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to Add a Contact Me Page to your Blog or Website

Turns out to be quite simple using Google docs! Here are the steps:
  1. Go to Google docs
  2. Create a new form

  3. Customize the form to your liking by filling it with required info (Name, email, website, message...)
  4. To add new items use the "Add item" button on the upper left. Use this to add more entries. For the message, add a paragraph text.
  5. Finally, here's how it could look like. Don't forget to name the form and put in a short description
  6. Now, you can get the code to embed that form in your website or blog. Just go to the "More actions" button on the upper right and choose embed.
  7. Copy the embed code to your website or blog. In blogger, you can create a new page for that form and embed the code in it. See how it looks like on mine.
This form will automatically create an associated spreadsheet in your Google docs where it can store all the submissions going through the form. You will want to be notified of those submissions via email for example. To set this up, here's what you do
  1. While still editing the form, choose "See responses -> Spreadsheet"
  2. In the spreadsheet, go to: "Share -> Set notification rules" and specify how you wish to be notified

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  1. Thank!
    Clear and helpful!

  2. Just stumbled across this...very helpful. Cant believe I hadn't used google docs before! Thanks for sharing!!!