Monday, May 12, 2008

Automatically convert hyperlinks in MS Outlook 2008

When you are composing a new email in MS Outlook 2008, most of the time you will be inserting a hyperlink to a website. Depending on your email format settings, this "hyperlink" will not link anywhere, it will remain as regular text, such as this link

Of course, it would be nicer if an internet address is automatically converted into a hyperlink, i.e.

Outlook can do this automatically instead of manually converting each address into a clickable hyperlink. Here's how to do it:
  • go to: Tools -> Options
  • Click on the "Mail Format" tab
  • Click on "Editor Options" at the bottom of the options dialog (this will bring up the "Editor Options" dialog)
  • Click on the "Proofing" tab to your left
  • Click on "AutoCorrect Options"
  • Select "Internet and network paths with hyperlinks" in the "Replace as you type" section

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