Tuesday, April 21, 2009

EndNote to JabRef to EndNote

  1. In Endnote, select the citations you want to export and go to “File / Export”
  2. Select “RefMan (RIS) Export” in the Output Styles dropdown box
    (in case it is not there, choose “Select Another Style…” and look for RefMan RIS Export)
  3. After exporting the file, go to JabRef and import as RIS


endnote-2-jabref Voila!

There are many ways of doing this. Here’s one on fellow blog Fundamental Thinking. Josh’s method is based on the JabRef Endnote Export Filter.

To go from JabRef to Endnote

  1. In JabRef, select the citations you want to export and go to “File / Export”
  2. Select “Endnote” from the dropdown box
  3. In Endnote go to “File / Import”
  4. Choose the data file that you just exported from JabRef
  5. Under import option, choose “EndNote Import”


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  1. cool!, I'm just explore jabref and endnote capabilities to jabref. Thanks

  2. u've saved my life!

  3. This doesn't work with me... If I try to import the RIS-file in Jabref (or drag the file in the Jabref window) the status says "Importing in unknown file format...".
    I tried a lot of things, uninstalled and installed Jabref, I used the online Jabref version, but nothing seems to help...
    Probably I'm missing something very obvious, but your help would be highly appreciated!

  4. I've been seeking information about this process and I think the JabRef Endnote Export Filter has been changing my work, it's so simple and easy to understand.