Friday, February 6, 2009

LaTeX: Undefined Control Sequence \printglossary

This happens when updating to the latest version of MiKTeX. Assuming that you are including the “nomencl” package, then you need to do the following substitutions:

  1. Replace \makeglossary with \makenomenclature
  2. Replace \printglossary with \printnomenclature


ref: Somacon

The nomencl package is useful for producing nomenclatures/glossaries. For more information check the nomencl package documentation @ the University of Cambridge [this is a pdf file].

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Saad, T. "LaTeX: Undefined Control Sequence \printglossary". Weblog entry from Please Make A Note.


  1. Excellent thanks for sharing, I have a little error but I guess it's because I have a virus, I'm gonna try again, thanks for share.

  2. This is good but I was trying it at home and I got some issues, I don't what happened I think you have a little error in that, or maybe I'm doing something wrong.

  3. Please advice how to get nomenclature list?
    I inserted the required command but it doesn;t give me any list

  4. I have same problem as Samar. Nothing is printed