Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How to Rip a DVD into AVI

For future reference, I am making this post to remind myself how to backup my DVDs, especially after my hard drive crashed last week. This method is based on this excellent post.

The idea is to backup or rip a DVD into an AVI. Here's what you need first
  1. Download DVD Decrypter
  2. Download Auto Gordian Knot
As discussed in the original post, DVD Decrypter will remove any encryption that is embedded into the DVD.

Auto Gordian Knot, aka AutoGK, is a set of tools that will allow you to convert the decrypted DVD into an AVI. Don't worry, AutoGK has a single GUI where you specify the parameters for your conversion.

After installing DVD Decrypter and AutoGK, do the following
  1. Open DVD Decrypter
  2. Go to: Mode/IFO

  3. In the information files list to your right, select the item that is the longest in case of a movie. In case of TV show, select the episode of interest.

  4. Select the folder location of your decrypted DVD

  5. Finally, click on the decrypt button (with the green arrow)
Depending on the length of your DVD/episode and your platform, it usually takes less than 30 minutes to rip a 150 minutes DVD. When the decryption process in complete open up AutoGK and do the following
  1. For your input file, choose the first VOB file in the extracted directory
  2. Set the name and location of the output AVI
  3. Select the first audio track
  4. Select a subtitle (if any)
  5. Select the output size. Usually, a 120 minutes DVD converts well to 700 MB. For 30 minute TV episodes, I would choose 175 MB while for a 1 hour episode, i would choose 350 MB. Alternatively, you can set the quality percentage. I find this the fastest way as AutoGK will perform a single pass. I usually keep this setting at around 65%
  6. Click on advanced settings and choose Xvid and set the audio to VBR MP3 at 128 kbps . Note that you may need to download XviD (or DivX)
  7. Click on add job
  8. Click start

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