Saturday, March 7, 2009

An Easy to Use Free IDE for C/C++

I know that you’ve always wondered about what C/C++ compiler and IDE to use under windows. While Microsoft offers its version of the C/C++ compiler, many people still prefer to use the GNU suite of compilers. This, without mentioning the fact that you will need to install visual studio or, if not, manually compile your code, which should be a prehistoric task by now because there are things called IDEs that take care of that.

The other hassle about installing the GCC (GNU C Compiler) under windows, is that you have to first install MingW.

I recently found this excellent and easy to use free IDE that does everything for you. It is called Code::Blocks. This program is very easy to use, intuitive, and installs the GCC compiler and MingW for you.


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  1. I will recommend Developer C++ strongly for Windows, one of the best GUI I have ever used. There is no requirement of any other packages for it to work. Code Blocks is best suited for Linux.
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  2. Excellent thanks for share it, i read also that it can work with an interface in java, but I don't know how much truth it's that.